• Stroke recovery can be a long, slow process that’s different for everyone. Because stroke affects each patient differently, there’s no single timeline or path to recovery. Even after recovering enough to go home, patients can struggle with symptoms for years and need extra help and support at home. Research shows
  • If you are a military veteran, you are probably already receiving your Medical Benefits Package. You know that inpatient and outpatient care as well as primary, preventative, diagnostic, and specialty services are covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may also know that you are struggling to stay in
  • Going home from the hospital after surgery can be both a relief and a source of anxiety. You may be on the road tomending buthave some obstacles to get past before you’re feeling like yourself again. If you live alone or don’t have enough help at home, it can be
  • Life with kids is BUSY! At VA Kares we understand just how busy it can be. Many of us are parents, too. That is why we offer professional sitter services that give parents a respite and time to catch their breath. Whether you need a date night, shopping time, or
  • Stroke patients need special care along the recovery journey. For those with mild to moderate problems caring for them in their home can be the best option. Being surrounded by those they love and their things can greatly increase their outlook, and in turn, their recovery. Virginia Kares Home Care
  • Aging in place is important to many seniors. If you have aging parents, there are things that you can do to help them stay at home and maintain their independence. Virginia home care services are one of those things, but we would like to offer some practical tips that can

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