Tips for Seniors Dealing with Arthritis

Arthritis is common in many older people, and it can make daily activities difficult. Understanding how to manage arthritis can make life healthier and happier. Your daily treatment may vary, but there are some things everyone can do that can help. VA home care is here to assist you.

Keep Track

The Arthritis Foundation has a Health Tracker that allows you to keep track of things like sleep patterns, pain levels, and the ability to do everyday tasks. Keeping track of all of this gives a broader picture which can help with overall care. You can also write these things down in a notebook.

Healthy Outlets

Chronic pain can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. When you are struggling emotionally make sure you have ways to deal with it, such as yoga, deep breathing, or walking outside. Having someone to talk to is important, and Virginia Kares can help with that.


While it may sound odd to exercise when it hurts, exercise improves arthritic pain. Walking and swimming are two great exercises for seniors.

Get Help with In-Home Care

Getting in-home care can help you stay home and do the things you love. If you are looking for VA home care for yourself or a loved one contact, Virginia Kares Home Services today.

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