Tips to Help Keep Aging Parents at Home

Aging in place is important to many seniors. If you have aging parents, there are things that you can do to help them stay at home and maintain their independence. Virginia home care services are one of those things, but we would like to offer some practical tips that can keep them safely at home.

Organize Their Home

Helping them get their home organized can be a big help. Modifications may need to be made, such as adding slip-resistant mats and grab bars in the bathroom. If the hallways or stairs have poor lighting, increase the light. Reduce falls by removing or tacking down rugs. Place the furniture so that navigation is easy.

Place Things in Easy Reach

If there are certain things they use all the time, put them where they can be easily reached. Grabber tools are great for hard-to-reach items. Convenience is what they need.

Check on Them Often

They may not need around-the-clock care, but you should check in often. A daily phone call tells them you care and gives you peace of mind. Teach them how to use things like Facetime so you can see them if you can’t be there physically.

These are just some of the basic things that can help aging parents stay in their homes. Virginia home care services can help with daily tasks, check-ins, and more.

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