Memory’s Mirage! The Intricate World of Confabulation in Dementia –

September 25, 2023 As the elderly population continues to grow, so does the prevalence of dementia, a complex condition that impacts memory, cognition, and daily life. One strange phenomenon that often accompanies dementia is confabulation, a behaviour that can be challenging for both the elderly with a dementia diagnosis and … Read more

The Written Word – Supporting Families and Professionals Providing Dementia Care

The Written Word – Supporting Families and Professionals Providing Dementia Care September 25, 2023 by Alzheimer’s Speaks Listen Live or Listen at Your Convenience Tuesday September 26th, 2023 2 pm EST, 1 pm CST, 12 pm MST, 11 am PST & 7 pm London GMT, 9 pm South Africa SAST, and … Read more

A Call for Matching Donors for the LEV Foundation “Robust Mouse Rejuvenation 2” Fundraiser – Fight Aging!

The Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation was founded by Aubrey de Grey to address an important missing aspect of the ongoing work to produce treatments that target the underlying mechanisms of aging. While the research and development community has made sizable strides in the past decade, and the first … Read more

World Alzheimer’s Month #WorldAlzheimersDay | Let’s Talk about Dementia

#NeverTooEarly September is World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to raise dementia awareness and challenge stigma. Each year, Alzheimer and dementia associations, alongside all those involved in the treatment, care and support of people living with dementia, from around the world unite to organise advocacy and information provision events. The … Read more