Parkinson’s Care

We’d all love to live without Parkinson’s disease, yet if you are one of the 1 million Americans with this chronic condition, we at Virginia Kares Home Care Services. LLC understand how daunting living well with Parkinson’s disease can be for both you and family caregivers. That is why we have skilled and compassionate home caregivers who help relieve the pain and stress of managing the unpredictable.

Our in-home care professionals know just when to nudge you through exercises, when to cook some meals ahead, or when to help you relax and talk through how you’re really feeling about the limitations on your body. We notice the changes in posture and facial expression and help you make comfortable adjustments to maintain coordination and balance.

How Virginia Kares Specialists Can Help

Our specialized and personable personal care aides know just how to work with muscle stiffness and tremors to prevent frustration and falls. Virginia Kares Home Care Services, LLC also helps individuals with Parkinson’s disease stand strong with these beneficial caregiving services:

  • Nutrition and Meal Planning. A healthy diet is essential for those with Parkinson’s disease to help strengthen muscles and bones.
  • Personal Supervision and Home Safety. Parkinson’s disease often causes an unsteady gait, resulting in trips and falls.
  • Daily Mobility. Some people with Parkinson’s disease need extra help with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, and using the bathroom. Our skilled caregivers are sensitive to the slowed pace the neuromuscular disorder presents and respect privacy and the need for a normal routine.
  • Exercise. For people with Parkinson’s disease, exercise is vital to maintaining balance, mobility, and strength. Our in-home caregivers can assist with stretching, walking, and other light exercise programs if instruction is left from physical therapy.
  • Transportation. Driving can be difficult or restricted for Parkinson’s patients. Virginia Kares Home Care Services, LLC provides rides to appointments, therapy and other destinations.
  • Family Caregiver Relief. Caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease can be physically demanding and emotionally exhausting. We provide respite care for family caregivers and peace of mind for everyone involved in the care network.

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Virginia Kares Home Care Services strives to provide quality personal in-home care services to you or your loved one with a wide variety of circumstances and needs.  If you feel that you or your loved one may benefit from personal in-home care services, contact us for a free phone consultation today. Or call for more information on personal in-home care services, including long-term care (LTC)insurance, private pay, Veterans aide attendant, Homemaker/home aide, homeward bound, and Medicaid.

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