In Home Senior Care Services

We all want the best for our aging parents and loved ones. Ninety percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes according to a study conducted by AARP. They also found that 82 percent of seniors still want to stay in their homes even if they need help doing everyday chores and activities. Sadly, we’ve all seen examples of elderly people who suffered failing health and depression much more quickly after having been removed from their homes.

The case for in home senior care is very strong. Here are some the reasons why:

  1. Our loved ones remain happier and feel more secure when they are in their own familiar homes surrounded by their own possessions.
  2. It’s possible to modify your senior’s home to accommodate his or her needs. Some simple and inexpensive things that make an elderly person’s home safer include installing grab bars, removing area rugs and other tripping hazards, and adding lamps for better lighting at night.
  3. Resources for seniors who want to remain in their homes are growing. Services like grocery delivery, premade meals, lawn care, and home cleaning are expanding quickly and becoming more accessible.
  4. Your loved one will feel more attached to the life he or she has always known and will be less likely to lose the sense of independence.
  5. The fear of abuse and neglect is very real. Trusting your loved one to someone who might abuse him or her is scary. Abuse can include anything from late or missing snacks and meals to a complete lack of compassion and physical care. In the worst scenarios, physical wounds are inflicted on them.
  6. Since your senior will be happier in his or her own home, your relationship with him or her can be less stressful and your loved one will be less likely to object to the things you need to do to provide care.

While we all want to do as much as we can for our loved ones, we have to acknowledge that there are times when it can be too difficult. Caregivers also have to work, care for their own families and homes, and take care of commitments that can interfere with their senior’s needs. When caregivers get the help they need, they can maintain order and balance in their own lives and preserve their loving relationships with the seniors they so desperately want to do everything for.

Enlisting help from Virginia Kares Home Care Services, LLC, is the answer. They will keep your senior company while helping with meal preparation, light cleaning, running errands, and medication reminders. They will be there for your senior when you can’t, and you need all the peace of mind you can get.

To explore the options of in home senior care services with Virginia Kares, contact us today.

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