Pet Services

In Home Pet Care Services

At Virginia Kares Home Care Services we don’t just help people, we also provide services for your pets.

For those who need help with their pet due to recovery from surgery, vacations, or just need to be away from home overnight, we can help.
Whether you already use our home care services for help around the house or personal care, or if you are just looking for someone to help with pet care, Virginia Kares is there to help you with your pets at home anytime you need us.

We know your pets are part of the family and They deserve loving care and to be kept safe.

Our pet sitting services include

  • Dog walking and exercise
  • Provide fresh water
  • Feeding, including special diet food preparation
  • Give medications
  • Clean litter boxes
  • Clean small pet cages
  • Home check for safety
  • Play and affection

If your dog or cat is under veterinary care, we can help administer any necessary medications, whether oral, eye drops or skin ointment.
Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and happy. A walk provides stimulating exercise and fresh smells and sounds that activate their interest and curiosity, providing them with an essential mental and physical workout.

Pet sitters for any occasion

We’ll schedule a caregiver to walk your dog, and provide other basic care while they are there, such as watering, feeding and cleaning up. Just let us know what your dog’s daily routine is, and we’ll help you make sure they are happy and well cared for. We are available for Hourly, full day, daytime or overnight care.

Help with Pet Care at Home

Do you just need help with the daily chores of pet ownership? If so, we can help. Our services can be hourly or for a full day. We can arrange daily care, or be on call when you need us. We can arrange for longer care as well, whatever is needed. Talk with your Virginia Kares service provider and let him or her know where you need help.

Among the household pets we have cared for:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Small reptiles such as lizards and turtles
  • Caged pets such as hamsters, mice and gerbils

Thinking of boarding your dog or cat?

Try in home pet care instead.

If you, or a loved one, are traveling or otherwise unable to care for a pet temporarily, you may be thinking about boarding them. But, there’s no need to keep them in a strange place.

Virginia Kares Home Care can provide pet sitters who can care for your pet in your home while you are away. Why kennel your pet when they can stay at home in their own bed and in a familiar environment? We’ll take good care of them for you.

Pet Therapy

The Animal Lover
If your family member loves pets, we can have our pet stop by for a complimentary visit. Your love one would be able to brush the dog’s hair, pet the dog or just get a little kiss. Pet therapy has demonstrated multiple benefits for those with dementia (and without, too.)
In the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s, seniors may also find comfort in holding a stuffed kitten or puppy.