Hiring Home Healthcare Workers

Being a home healthcare provider is a big responsibility that also offers huge rewards. Whether you will work in an assisted living facility or in a patient’s own home, you will be responsible for similar tasks which could include helping an elderly person bathe and dress, doing some light housework and cooking, and giving the patient rides to and from doctor appointments, but the most important thing you will do is interact with patients and clients on a very personal level.
Caregivers who work as home health aides share some basic personality traits.

  1. Compassion – understanding that the patient would rather be taking care of him or herself and offering support in a positive non-threatening manner is essential.
  2. Empathy –it really helps for you to be able to put yourself in your patient’s shoes to understand what he or she is going through.
  3. Being thick-skinned – a client or a patient may have negative feelings or even be angry at his or her situation. You need to remember that those emotions aren’t directed at you and that you shouldn’t take remarks personally.
  4. Patience–you may have to wait longer than usual for a patient to be able to walk down a hallway or get into a car, and a client with memory loss or neurological complications may ask you the same question over and over even though you have already answered it. Remaining calm is key.
  5. A good sense of humor – sometimes a person needs a good laugh or a reason to smile. Humor is an effective stress buster and a friendly ice breaker for new caregivers.
  6. Being able to stand by –remembering that the client or patient didn’t always need help will make it easier to wait until he or she asks for it.
  7. Paying attention to detail –you may have to manage a patient’s medication regimen, schedule doctor appointments, or handle an emergency.
  8. Being a team player –it’s okay to ask for help from other staff members and supervisors if you are having trouble with a patient or another issue.

Home healthcare workers also need to be physically fit and in good health. You may need to help someone stand up or even catch a patient in the event of a potential fall without injuring yourself.

The biggest reward you will receive is the love and gratitude of the people you care for. Few jobs will allow you the opportunity to be such an important part of another person’s life, a person who really needs you.

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