Post-Hospitalization Care & Recovery

Going home from the hospital after surgery can be both a relief and a source of anxiety. You may be on the road tomending buthave some obstacles to get past before you’re feeling like yourself again. If you live alone or don’t have enough help at home, it can be challenging to prepare meals, bathe, take care of incisions or injuries, manage medications, and all the other discharge instructions you were sent home with. Post-hospitalization care isn’t always easy, especially when you’re not feeling your best.

No matter how difficult it seems, following your doctor’s instructions is essential for your healing and best results, but managing it can be challenging if you’re in pain or tired from the ordeal.

Having enough help and support can make a difference in your healing. A skilled aide from Virginia Kares Home Care services can help manage your recovery so you can rest and focus on healing.

Working together, your aid can help you:

  • Care for your incision
  • Control pain
  • Eat and drink nutritious, healing foods
  • Follow discharge and care instructions
  • Inspect your wound or incision
  • Move and walk carefully to encourage healing and avoid complications
  • Prevent infection
  • Remember when to take medications

Every person’s recovery is different, with different challenges and needs. One thing every recovery does have in common is the need for care and support. It may sound simple to follow your doctor’s discharge instructions, but once you’re home and recovering, you may feel differently. Being tired or in pain from surgery can make it difficult to think clearly or do regular activities like preparing a meal.

Post-hospitalization care is too important to leave to chance. A Virginia Kares Home Care aide can help you heal and get back on your feet again.

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