Understand Attachment Patterns for Better Relationships –

[ad_1] Have you ever encountered the word “Attachment Patterns” and wondered how it might shape your relationships and where you fit into this complex web of emotions? Samvedna Care, with expert guidance from mental health therapists, would like to highlight this important aspect of relationships.  Attachment patterns refer to how an individual connects or relates … Read more

Pausing to Understand Your Loved One – Dealing with Dementia

[ad_1] Years ago when I was the adult child watching my parent’s cognitive abilities dim, I ended up reading some things Kate Swaffer posted. She was diagnosed with dementia before her 50th birthday and has been a thoughtful, passionate educator for the years I have been watching her in action. She recently posted Today, I … Read more

Understand The Similarities And Differences

[ad_1] Mental strength and mental health are two important components of our overall well-being. Although there may be some overlap between the two, they are not interchangeable terms. It is however important to get this distinction straight. Because understanding the difference between mental health and mental fitness is crucial. Mental health focuses on the absence … Read more