Preparing for the Financial Aspects of Caregiving Podcast – Dealing with Dementia

[ad_1] Podcast for caregivers helping loved ones with dementia. Even the best made plans need more to lighten the load of caregiving. My parents had Estate Plans, but getting the Power of Attorney accepted at the bank so I could help pay the bills was a difficult task on top of the difficult role of … Read more

A Guide for Families Dealing with Dementia –

[ad_1] January 02, 2024 Dementia poses a profound challenge for individuals and families worldwide, and in the Indian region, many turn to home care agencies like Samvedna Care for essential support in managing their loved one’s dementia journey. Beyond addressing the emotional and physical dimensions of dementia care, there are crucial legal and financial considerations … Read more

Engagement Brightens the Day – Dealing with Dementia

[ad_1] On a recent visit with a loved one that is diagnosed with Younger-onset Alzheimer’s, I was happy to see that over my visit, they got more communicative, and emotions began to emerge back to familiar patterns. While I have many clients that have been diagnosed with varied health issues, the concept of the long … Read more

Understanding the Psychology of Grief: Dealing with Loss –

[ad_1] ― C.S. Lewis (Author-Chronicles of Narnia)  All of us, at some point or other, have encountered or experienced grief. Grief is a universal experience, an inevitable part of life that we all encounter at some point. Understanding grief and how it impacts our lives is crucial, not necessarily to ease the grieving process, but … Read more