Interactions Between Innervation, Vascular Aging, and Loss of Capillary Density in the Heart – Fight Aging!

One noted aspect of vascular aging is that the processes of angiogenesis become less effective with age, and as a consequence aged tissues lose capillary density. This harms function by reducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to energy-hungry tissues such as muscles and brain, as well as putting … Read more

Metformin and Weight Loss: Can a Pill Help You Lose Weight?

Have you recently received a metformin prescription for weight loss, or are you wondering if metformin can help you lose weight? Metformin is one of the most commonly prescribed diabetes drugs in the United States, with over 92 million prescriptions currently in use. People typically take metformin if they have … Read more

Understanding the Psychology of Grief: Dealing with Loss –

― C.S. Lewis (Author-Chronicles of Narnia)  All of us, at some point or other, have encountered or experienced grief. Grief is a universal experience, an inevitable part of life that we all encounter at some point. Understanding grief and how it impacts our lives is crucial, not necessarily to ease … Read more