Strategies for Finding Purpose and Reconnecting with Yourself –

[ad_1] November 24, 2023 Parenting is undoubtedly a roller coaster, marked by the joy of hearing your child’s first words and the bittersweet moment of waving goodbye as they embark on their senior year of high school, college, work, or simply moving on to independent living. Amidst these significant milestones, one event tends to tug … Read more

Finding the Funny in Caregiving – Just What the Doctor Ordered

[ad_1] a guest post written for Happy Healthy Caregiver by family caregiver Bonnie Habyan Dementia is no laughing matter. However, depending on the family situation, laughter can provide astounding relief for both the caregiver and the care recipient. Anyone dealing with an aging parent knows the physical, financial, and emotional tolls it takes. Caregiving is … Read more