Youth athlete concussion management research in Scotland

Introduction My name is Tom McKeever and I am a second year PhD student at Edinburgh Napier University and also a practicing physiotherapist. I also lecture on the MSc Physiotherapy programme, supporting the training of aspiring physiotherapists. My PhD research field is in the medical and pathway management of the concussed … Read more

Are Diabetes Supplements Effective: What the Research Shows

There are so many pills, powders, bars, and drinks being marketed to people with diabetes today.  The problem, however, is that the majority of these products don’t have to be tested or proven effective through research before making it to market.  Unless it’s been approved by the U.S. Food and … Read more

The Amaranth Foundation on Bottlenecks in Aging Research – Fight Aging!

The Amaranth Foundation on Bottlenecks in Aging Research The Amaranth Foundation is one of a small number of organizations created by high net worth individuals to accelerate progress towards the development of therapies to treat aging, picking and choosing research programs and biotech startups to fund based on the … Read more