Simple Tips for Social Connections and Happiness in a Challenging Hybrid Work Environment –

[ad_1] February 01, 2024 “I find it hard to work in a hybrid setting. I have tried it on numerous occasions over the years, including when I signed up with a company, but I am still not great at it. There’s always a nagging thought about how I engage with people socially, or even if … Read more

Challenging the Notion of Invulnerability in Men’s Mental Health –

[ad_1] November 27, 2023 In a society that often perpetuates traditional stereotypes of masculinity, the phrase “Mard ko dard nahi hota” (Men don’t feel pain) has become ingrained in cultural narratives. Such expression not only takes away the scope for men to feel- a basic human tendency rather, it exalts this worldview. While this expression … Read more

Hear About Challenging Dementia Symptoms – From Experts Live with a Diagnosis

[ad_1] Hear About Challenging Dementia Symptoms – From Experts Live with a Diagnosis October 24, 2023 by Alzheimer’s Speaks Challenging Dementia Symptoms on Dementia Chats – Our Experts Live with a Diagnosis Today’s panel of experts all living with a dementia diagnosis, discuss challenging symptoms. Learn how these symptoms affect them and how they cope. Dementia … Read more