Allied Health Professionals Designing Digital Self-management Resources for YOU.

The Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) are a group of health professionals who can support you if living with dementia or supporting a person with dementia. This can include dietitians, music therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists and speech and language therapists. The AHPs have been developing evidence based, quality assured self-management … Read more

Our ‘State of Older People’s Health and Care’ report demands swift action | Discover

What’s the current picture? The report exposes the reality of the scale of the challenge facing older people in today’s NHS and social care system. There are significant short term issues, from long waits for a social care assessment (in some places, people are waiting up to 8 months for … Read more

Exploring the Effectiveness of Mental Health Counselling Online

August 25, 2023 Online counselling is an innovative and potentially game-changing addition to the ever-evolving area of mental health care. In a time when technology is continually reshaping our everyday relationships and experiences, mental health professionals strongly recommend using online platforms for interaction with clients, which offers a unique perspective … Read more

3 Powerful Ways Women Can Incorporate Self-Care Into Daily Routine For Optimal Health

Wellness is an essential aspect of life for women, as it impacts their physical, mental, and emotional health. Unfortunately, women are often burdened with multiple responsibilities and stressors. These can take a toll on their well-being. According to the World Health Organization, stress is the leading cause of illness and … Read more