Monocyte Population Differences with Age Following Bone Fracture – Fight Aging!

The innate immune system is involved in tissue maintenance and regeneration. That includes populations of monocytes, circulating innate immune cells in the bloodstream that enter damaged tissue to become macrophages. Monocytes are somewhat easier to catalog and study than is the case for macrophages. The former can be found … Read more

DEL-1 Upregulation Promotes Bone Regeneration in Aged Mice – Fight Aging!

Bone is constantly remodeled throughout life. The extracellular matrix making up bone tissue is continually broken down by osteoclast cells and built up by osteoblast cells. In youth, these activities are balanced. With aging, however, the activity of osteoclast cells progressively outweighs the activity of osteoblast cells. The consequence … Read more