The Role of Reminiscence Therapy in Dementia Care –

[ad_1] March 15, 2024 Dementia is a challenging and complex condition that not only affects cognitive function but also impacts emotional well-being. As the global population ages, the prevalence of dementia is on the rise, making it crucial to explore innovative and effective approaches to care. One such method that is gaining recognition is reminiscence … Read more

Using Therapy to Overcome Toxic Patterns –

[ad_1] Do you ever notice a pattern of repeating certain behaviors and feeling trapped in a cycle? Whether it involves being stuck in toxic relationships or engaging in self-sabotaging actions, understanding the persistent return to these patterns can be perplexing. Breaking free from these cycles often requires self-reflection, awareness, and, in many cases, seeking professional … Read more

Advocating for Epigenetic Reprogramming as a Potential Rejuvenation Therapy – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Partial epigenetic reprogramming emerges from the intersection of understanding how cells behave in cancerous tissue and during embryonic development. In the developing embryo there is a point at which adult germline cells convert themselves into embryonic stem cells, discarding forms of damage and dysfunction characteristic of adult cells and restoring a youthful pattern … Read more

Senolytic CAR T Cell Therapy Improves Health in Aged Mice – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Senolytic CAR T Cell Therapy Improves Health in Aged Mice To the degree that senescent cells in a tissue exhibit distinctive surface features, one can deploy technologies such as chimeric antigen receptor T cells to selectively destroy them. T cells will destroy whatever cell binds to the chimeric antigen receptor they are equipped … Read more

Does online therapy really have the impact it promises to –

[ad_1] In the rapidly evolving landscape of mental health care, online therapy has emerged as a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional in-person counselling. As technology continues to reshape how we live and work, mental health services have also adapted to meet the demands of our digitally-driven lives. The question that looms large, however, is … Read more

Reviewing the Potential for Klotho as a Basis for Therapy – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Klotho is one of the few robustly longevity-associated genes discovered over the past few decades. Increased levels of the circulating α-klotho protein slows aging in mice and is associated with better late life health in humans. Additionally, more of this α-klotho appears to slow cognitive aging and also boost cognitive function in younger … Read more