Circulating Claudin-5 Correlates with Age and Alzheimer’s Disease – Fight Aging!

Researchers here demonstrate an association between increased claudin-5 levels in the bloodstream and age-related neurodegeneration. This is distinct from an underlying age-related decline in claudin-5 levels. The scientists do not speculate too deeply as to why this relationship might exist, but others have done so in the past. In … Read more

Monocyte Population Differences with Age Following Bone Fracture – Fight Aging!

The innate immune system is involved in tissue maintenance and regeneration. That includes populations of monocytes, circulating innate immune cells in the bloodstream that enter damaged tissue to become macrophages. Monocytes are somewhat easier to catalog and study than is the case for macrophages. The former can be found … Read more

Chronological Age is Not a Good Component of Patient Risk Assessment – Fight Aging!

Chronological age is embedded in a great many standardized, widely-used protocols for patient risk assessment. Age-related diseases are, after all, age-related, and this use of chronological age has long seemed a reasonable choice. That said, we are now moving into an era in which novel means of measuring biological … Read more

Klotho Levels Decline with Age, But Are Unaffected by Physical Fitness at a Given Age – Fight Aging!

Klotho is a longevity-associated gene. Klotho functions within the cell, but a portion of the full protein is also released into the bloodstream. In humans, higher levels of circulating klotho correlate with lower incidence of age-related disease and mortality. In mice, interventions such as gene therapies that increase klotho … Read more

Celebrities support volunteering with Age UK | Discover

Don Warrington reflects on the bigger picture Actor Don Warrington MBE dropped in on Age UK Barnet to attend a morning of activities for older people living with dementia. During these mornings, volunteers do everything from making the teas to playing the piano that provides nostalgic background music for attendees. … Read more