Cellular Senescence in the Aging Brain, a Contributing Cause of Cognitive Decline – Fight Aging!

Senescent cells are created throughout the body at all stages of life, largely when somatic cells reach the Hayflick limit on replication. Senescent cells cease replication and begin to energetically produce pro-growth, pro-inflammatory factors, attracting the attention of the immune system and otherwise changing the behavior of surrounding cells. … Read more

Klotho Levels Decline with Age, But Are Unaffected by Physical Fitness at a Given Age – Fight Aging!

Klotho is a longevity-associated gene. Klotho functions within the cell, but a portion of the full protein is also released into the bloodstream. In humans, higher levels of circulating klotho correlate with lower incidence of age-related disease and mortality. In mice, interventions such as gene therapies that increase klotho … Read more