Oxidative Stress and Cellular Senescence in Alzheimer’s Disease – Fight Aging!

Oxidative Stress and Cellular Senescence in Alzheimer’s Disease In this paper, the authors discuss the overlap between oxidative stress and growing numbers of senescent cells in the brain. Both are thought to contribute to neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. The aging of the brain is complex, a web … Read more

Cellular Senescence in the Aging and Dysfunction of Skin – Fight Aging!

A great deal of research and development effort is now focused on finding ways to reduce the contribution of senescent cells to degenerative aging. Initiatives range from fundamental research into the biochemistry of senescent cells to clinical trials of early senolytic therapies capable of selectively destroying senescent cells. A … Read more

Cellular Senescence in the Aging Brain, a Contributing Cause of Cognitive Decline – Fight Aging!

Senescent cells are created throughout the body at all stages of life, largely when somatic cells reach the Hayflick limit on replication. Senescent cells cease replication and begin to energetically produce pro-growth, pro-inflammatory factors, attracting the attention of the immune system and otherwise changing the behavior of surrounding cells. … Read more

Assessing Markers of Cellular Senescence in the CALERIE Study of Calorie Restriction – Fight Aging!

The practice of calorie restriction, eating up to 40% fewer calories while structuring the diet to continue to obtain sufficient micronutrients, is well demonstrated to slow aging and extend life in short-lived species. It is thought that the primary mechanism for this effect is upregulation of the cellular maintenance … Read more