Klotho Levels Decline with Age, But Are Unaffected by Physical Fitness at a Given Age – Fight Aging!

Klotho is a longevity-associated gene. Klotho functions within the cell, but a portion of the full protein is also released into the bloodstream. In humans, higher levels of circulating klotho correlate with lower incidence of age-related disease and mortality. In mice, interventions such as gene therapies that increase klotho … Read more

7 Surprising Ways Deadlifts Can Boost Your Health And Fitness Goals in 2023

Credit: Pixabay Are you seeking exercise to help you achieve your health and fitness goals? Look no further than the deadlift! This full-body exercise targets multiple muscle groups. Including the posterior chain and hip extensors. Deadlifts help to improve power, cardiovascular health and metabolism. Plus, they can help prevent injuries … Read more