Towards a Better Understanding of the Role of the Gut Microbiome in Alzheimer’s Disease – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] The balance of microbial populations making up the gut microbiome changes with age in ways that provoke chronic inflammation, as well as reduce production of beneficial metabolites. In recent years, researchers have shown that Alzheimer’s patients exhibit a distinctly dysregulated gut microbiome in comparison to other older individuals. This raises the question of … Read more

Arguing for Low Glutathione Levels to be Important in the Development of Parkinson’s Disease – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Glutathione is one of the more important cellular antioxidants. Delivery of glutathione via a range of mechanisms has been tested as a way to improve function in older individuals, with intriguing results in small clinical trials. The benefits include improved mitochondrial function and reduced inflammation. Delivery of antioxidants to mitochondria, where they can … Read more

Particulate Air Pollution Correlates with Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Particulate Air Pollution Correlates with Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers here use data on air pollution from a single US metropolitan area to show a correlation with Alzheimer’s disease risk. Air pollution is shown to increase chronic inflammation via the interaction of particulates with lung tissue, and inflammation is an important component of … Read more

Circulating Claudin-5 Correlates with Age and Alzheimer’s Disease – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Researchers here demonstrate an association between increased claudin-5 levels in the bloodstream and age-related neurodegeneration. This is distinct from an underlying age-related decline in claudin-5 levels. The scientists do not speculate too deeply as to why this relationship might exist, but others have done so in the past. In short, claudin-5 is an … Read more

To What Degree is Alzheimer’s Disease a Modern Phenomenon? – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Here find an interesting commentary on what might be gleaned of the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in antiquity from the body of ancient writings on the topic of aging, memory, and health. The consensus is that Alzheimer’s disease is a creation of modernity, some combination of a longer life expectancy for a greater … Read more