Low Serum α-Klotho Correlates with Raised Risk of Age-Related Mortality – Fight Aging!

Klotho is one of the few longevity-associated genes shown to work in both directions; lower expression shortens life span in animal studies, while increased expression modestly slows aging. Despite several decades of research, scientists have yet to reach a full understanding of how klotho influences life span. The klotho … Read more

Particulate Air Pollution Correlates with Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease – Fight Aging!

Particulate Air Pollution Correlates with Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers here use data on air pollution from a single US metropolitan area to show a correlation with Alzheimer’s disease risk. Air pollution is shown to increase chronic inflammation via the interaction of particulates with lung tissue, and inflammation is … Read more

Reversing Age-Related Frailty Reduces Cardiovascular Risk and Mortality – Fight Aging!

Frailty is an inevitability for everyone on some timescale, given the present state of medical technology. It is not, however, an inevitability for early old age. It can be postponed for decades. Further, if someone becomes frail in earlier old age, that frailty may be reversible given sufficient effort … Read more

Chronological Age is Not a Good Component of Patient Risk Assessment – Fight Aging!

Chronological age is embedded in a great many standardized, widely-used protocols for patient risk assessment. Age-related diseases are, after all, age-related, and this use of chronological age has long seemed a reasonable choice. That said, we are now moving into an era in which novel means of measuring biological … Read more

Further Evidence for Reduced Blood Pressure to Lower Risk of Dementia – Fight Aging!

The raised blood pressure of hypertension causes a great deal of downstream damage. It is a way for low-level biochemical damage associated with aging to become actual physical damage to the body. Pressure damage can occur in delicate tissues throughout the body, and raised blood pressure increases the pace … Read more