FOXF1 Gene Therapy Improves Regeneration of Intervertebral Discs Following Injury – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Intervertebral disc degeneration is a feature of aging, and injury can produce further challenges. A range of approaches have been assessed to enhance the regenerative capacity of disc tissue, useful not just after injury, but also to reverse some of the declines in disc structure and function produced … Read more

Promising Initial Results From a Phase II Trial of VEGF Gene Therapy – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Intravenous, high-dose AAV gene therapy to upregulate VEGF has been shown to extend life in mice. This is perhaps a demonstration of the importance of loss of capillary density in tissue as a result of age-related disruption to angiogenesis, the multi-step process by which new blood vessels branch … Read more

Gene Therapy Enhances Object Recognition Memory in Young and Old Mice – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Researchers here report on a gene therapy to upregulate RGS14 expression in an area of the brain associated with object recognition, showing that it enhances function in both old and young mice. Given past studies of RSG14, this is an expected result. Interestingly, increased RSG14 expression appears to … Read more

Profiling the Development of Gene Therapies at Rejuvenate Bio – Fight Aging!

[ad_1] Profiling the Development of Gene Therapies at Rejuvenate Bio Here find a high-level look at the work of Rejuvenate Bio, a gene therapy company aiming to manipulating aging metabolism into a better shape. They have chosen to focus on the strategy of altering tissues to generate signal molecules … Read more