Addressing the Fear of Dementia Medications in Patient Care –

Dementia, a complex and progressive cognitive decline, brings forth unique challenges for both patients and their caregivers, requiring a delicate balance of understanding, compassion, and effective medical intervention after dementia diagnosis. As medical science continues to advance, a multitude of medications has been developed to alleviate the distressing symptoms associated … Read more

Chronological Age is Not a Good Component of Patient Risk Assessment – Fight Aging!

Chronological age is embedded in a great many standardized, widely-used protocols for patient risk assessment. Age-related diseases are, after all, age-related, and this use of chronological age has long seemed a reasonable choice. That said, we are now moving into an era in which novel means of measuring biological … Read more

From physiotherapy student to patient. Personal reflections.

receiving my physiotherapy uniform Hi, I am Megan, and I am an MSc Physiotherapy student at Edinburgh Napier University on my first placement with Alzheimer Scotland and writing my first blog!   I would like to share my experience from the other side of being a student practitioner, by sharing … Read more