Advocating for Epigenetic Reprogramming as a Potential Rejuvenation Therapy – Fight Aging!

Partial epigenetic reprogramming emerges from the intersection of understanding how cells behave in cancerous tissue and during embryonic development. In the developing embryo there is a point at which adult germline cells convert themselves into embryonic stem cells, discarding forms of damage and dysfunction characteristic of adult cells and … Read more

DNA G-Quadruplexes in Epigenetic Cell Aging – Fight Aging!

Researchers here describe a G-quadruplex-related mechanism operating across diverse species that contributes to epigenetic change following cell replication, leading to the Hayflick limit on replication and subsequent cell death or cell senescence. G-quadruplexes form in telomeric regions at the ends of chromosomes, and their contributions to genomic structure, epigenetics, … Read more

Standardization to a Single Epigenetic Clock is Much Overdue – Fight Aging!

In the past year or two, a great deal of effort on the part of leading researchers has gone into trying to standardize the use of a single epigenetic clock based on DNA methylation status of CpG sites on the genome. Suitable candidate universal mammalian clocks now exist. There … Read more