Reversing Age-Related Frailty Reduces Cardiovascular Risk and Mortality – Fight Aging!

Frailty is an inevitability for everyone on some timescale, given the present state of medical technology. It is not, however, an inevitability for early old age. It can be postponed for decades. Further, if someone becomes frail in earlier old age, that frailty may be reversible given sufficient effort … Read more

Further Assessing the Effects of Air Pollution on Mortality – Fight Aging!

Further Assessing the Effects of Air Pollution on Mortality There is ample evidence to show that air pollution correlates with increased mortality, and a number of natural experiments have allowed researchers to compare populations with similar socioeconomic status and different levels of air pollution, in order to demonstrate that … Read more

Sizes of Immune Cell Subsets Correlate with Human Mortality – Fight Aging!

The immune system is made up of many different cell types. Further, distinct populations within those types exhibit a varied range of behaviors. The molecular damage and resulting cellular dysfunction of aging produces complex changes in the immune system, as is the case for all of the complex biological … Read more