MiR-145-5p Overexpression Improves Stem Cell Transplantation – Fight Aging!

It is now commonplace for patients to undergo first generation stem cell therapy where the transplanted cells (which may or may not actually be stem cells) are derived from fat tissue. These therapies clearly produce some degree of benefit, primarily suppression of inflammation. There is a high degree of … Read more

Senolytic CAR T Cell Therapy Improves Health in Aged Mice – Fight Aging!

Senolytic CAR T Cell Therapy Improves Health in Aged Mice To the degree that senescent cells in a tissue exhibit distinctive surface features, one can deploy technologies such as chimeric antigen receptor T cells to selectively destroy them. T cells will destroy whatever cell binds to the chimeric antigen … Read more

DNA G-Quadruplexes in Epigenetic Cell Aging – Fight Aging!

Researchers here describe a G-quadruplex-related mechanism operating across diverse species that contributes to epigenetic change following cell replication, leading to the Hayflick limit on replication and subsequent cell death or cell senescence. G-quadruplexes form in telomeric regions at the ends of chromosomes, and their contributions to genomic structure, epigenetics, … Read more

Sizes of Immune Cell Subsets Correlate with Human Mortality – Fight Aging!

The immune system is made up of many different cell types. Further, distinct populations within those types exhibit a varied range of behaviors. The molecular damage and resulting cellular dysfunction of aging produces complex changes in the immune system, as is the case for all of the complex biological … Read more